Community Rules

  • Members must join our Guild.
  • Members must use a Square-Enix JRPG nickname in our discord server.
    • No duplicate nicknames, you cannot use a nickname if someone else has it on the server
    • Custom nicknames are not allowed.
    • Aliases are accepted, as long as they’re official.
    • Disney characters are not allowed
    • No names from collaboration events.
    • Use first names only, no last names
  • Members in leadership roles represent FFC and they will be held to a higher standard.
  • Respect your leaders and fellow members.

Discord Rules

  • Spam/Flooding is not allowed.
  • Excessive flaming/bullying of other members will not go unpunished.
  • Obscene/Pornographic material is not allowed.
  • Use the appropriate channels for each topic. This includes voice channels.
  • No advertisements of any other groups allowed in the server or to the members of FFC.
  • Spoilers shall be contained to the spoilers channel.
  • Please report any rule violations to any admin/mod.

Gaming Code

  • Support your Team
  • Drive Constructive Feedback
  • Facilitate Civil Discussion
  • Enjoy Yourself, but not at Anyone Else’s Expense
  • Build Relationships
  • Show Humility in Victory, and Grace in Defeat
  • Be Resolute, not Indignant
  • Leave No Newbie Behind!
  • Lead by Example
  • Have fun!
Because it has to be said, unfortunately:
Any actions performed by any of the members of FFC that are in confliction with these rules will be reviewed by leadership. If it is deemed to be in confliction with these rules, fair action will be taken against the rule breaker.