Old History

Clan FFC (Final Fantasy Chronicles) has been around since June 20th, 2006. For the first time, we’re going to do our history chronologically so members understand the history of our clan. This history is told from the perspective of many different people and is not biased in any way.

Part I: Pre-FFC 2002-2006

The clan history actually doesn’t start with FFC, it stems from a different clan, FFE. Final Fantasy Elite was a clan founded in 2002 by FFE-Sephiroth and was based on classic battle.net (Starcraft, Diablo II, Warcraft II, Warcraft III). FFE helped FFC by establishing a working Final Fantasy community. FFE was ended in 2006 by FFE-Butz.

“”April of 2002, clan FFE is born. The person who started it and leader was Sephiroth, his first recruit was Zell. These two went on to recruit another member, me… Squall. I had just come from a fallen clan and was clan hopping at the moment to find a good one that suited me. I brought with me two friends to my new FFE home, Irvine and T.G.Cid (Albel). We were a good group of friends, and we always seemed to have fun. Like every new born clan, recruitment was a big and fun thing for us. We went on to recruit many more people. One fateful day I was exploring things in my starcraft folder on things about Battle.Net. This was after B.N had removed the first person who came into a channel gets ops thing. I had stumbled upon how to obtain ops now. It said that if it was a clan channel, make whatever name comes after the word clan. Well, me just being me, I made the name FFE and was quite surprised no one had done so already. I held it over everyones head for a while just because I had ops. Things went good for a while, roleplaying was just now being introduced to the clan. I had approached Sephiroth about improving the clan, he had said he would but made no movement to do so. Then one night while I was off in a channel somewhere, I made a decision that would change FFE forever. I decided to take control of FFE and to make it a better place for everyone. I don’t know why I did, maybe I wanted more for FFE, maybe it was greed, I will never know. But anyway, the first order of business was to see who all was on my side and who all was on Sephiroth’s side. I had been surprised to find out that ALL of the FFE members were on my side. Except one, FFE-Cid. I was obviously winning and when I told Sephiroth he was furious. I could see why he was but the odds were not in his favor. He was relentless and persistent, argued with me for a long time. I didn’t just ban him because that would be stupid and idiotic. We finally settled an agreement, we would be co leaders. I was fine with that but he didn’t like it all that much. He had no choice though. Even though he was supposed to be the clan leader also, he never did any leading. It was always me. Even soon after that Sephiroth decided to not even come on his FFE name. Sometime after that… He just dissapeared completely and left me in charge of everything.”


“On April 2004, Squall set up a count down on the bot. It started at somewhere around 40-50 days. No one knew what I was. 10 days before it got to 0, Squall said he wanted to talk to me. I really didn’t have a clue what he wanted. So he began to speak, and out of the blue he told me “I’m going to past down leadership to you.” Now I was just shocked that he said that. I didn’t know what to say, so I just said “are you sure you wanna go though with this?” He said yes. He told me not to tell anyone, and I didn’t. About 4 days before the countdown was over, a fight happened in FFE and Squall spilled the news. And then at the moment, everyone just went silent. They all told me to go talk to Squall, make him change is mine since he and I were best friends. And I did. I told him that he should do with what he felt like. He did, and he stayed the leader. Everyone was happy, but I…I had to do some thinking and ask myself questions and stuff. So Squall and I decided to make me the Co-Leader of FFE. I accepted it. And I was glad to be the Co-Leader. 4 months go by, FFE is slowly losing members, FFE lost Cid, Raij, Quistis, Rinoa,and more, people were going their own ways, making new clans. Squall comes to me on 8/12/04, and says, “Red, I think…It’s time for me to pass on the leadership of FFE to you.” I accepted it. I knew FFE was going down, and I had to do something to change it. So I did what I could, made a clan site, got Cid back, threw just about every rule and thing (FFU) Squall has made out and made some new rules, made a ranking system for both gamers and for people who just like to chat. For the ranking system I need one for Sc/Bw players and D2/Wc players. So I decided to have division leaders. Cid for Sc/Bw and Zappa for D2/Wc. A couple weeks go by and we get a few more members in, later Zappa abused his power, and he left on the very same day. Now I have a division without a leader. So, I make the decision I feel is the best, I give Blank leadership of that division. Which was probably one of the best things I done has a leader. Then, we start getting more and more members to join, more people active and respect in the clan. Instead of FFE going down and down, I turn it around and make FFE grow…again. Now I have asked myself many times, was it just luck that Squall gave leadership to me, was it a coincidence. No, it was my destiny.”


Around 2005, Red XIII had appointed FFE-Butz as the new leader of FFE, tention had caused the clan to split into two, thus causing FFC to be born.

“My fellow FFE Members,

Although I have gone through great times with some of you, I’m afraid I must depart. I’m afraid my vision of FFE can’t happen. After the rebellion that took place June 19th, my image has been ruined. After seeing the members siding with everyone so quickly, my leadership is never going to be the same as it used to be. I wanted FFE to be not only a good place to chat, but a good place to game. FFE cannot be this due to immaturity that lies within the clan. Sooner or later, FFE will turn into Town Square, nothing but chatting and immature comments. If you want a gaming clan.. follow me. Yuffie and Kain are joining me to a new clan. Anyone else that wants to come is welcome. Many members decided to join me including Biggs, Golbez, Loz, Ashton, Fei, Rufus, BlackMage, Firion, Kiros, Basch, Aeris, Reno, and Odin.

FFC has simple goals to create a clan with respect, maturity, and honor. We already have many members who live by those goals. FFC will stand out among the rest, lets have a good time!”


FFE’s Leadership


FFE-Sephiroth (2002 – overthrown by Squall)

FFE-Squall (2002 – 2004)

FFE-RedXIII (2004 – 2005)

FFE-Butz (2005 – 2006)

FFE Resources:

Website: http://ffe_rules.webs.com

Forums: http://z9.invisionfree.com/Final_Fantasy_Elite/index.php

Current FFC Members that were in FFE:

FFC-Butz (FFE-Butz)

FFC-Cid (FFE-Selphie/Edea)

FFC-BlackMage (FFE-BlackMage)

FFC-Edgar (FFE-Riku)

FFC-Rinoa (FFE-Rinoa)

FFC-Biggs (FFE-Biggs)

FFC-Algus (FFE-Ashton)

Part II: FFC’s Creation & Life 2006-2009

FFC was created June 20th, 2006 by FFE-Butz, FFE-Frost and FFE-Yuffie. FFC was created on Battle.net USEAST in channel Clan FFCH (Final Fantasy Chronicles Headquarters). This was the original history from FFC’s older forum.

“FFC was founded on June 20, 2006. Its founders were FFC-Butz, FFC-Frost, and FFC-Yuffie. Their history did not start there, it began in a different clan, a clan called FFE. In the beginning FFC-Butz was actually FFE-Butz, FFC-Yuffie was FFE-Yuffie and FFC-Frost was FFE-Kain. Butz was the leader of FFE, and Yuffie and Frost were council members of FFE. Their vision for FFE was different than some members, they wanted an active, gaming, and chat clan that everyone could enjoy. This was hard to do because some of the division leaders would not do their job correctly and were extremely lazy. One day FFE-Valefor (Avalanche Division Leader), and FFE-Vincent (Left the clan, and then came back) started a rebellion against Butz, saying that he was a bad leader, didn’t listen to the members, and was leading FFE like a Nazi. Vincent and Valefor brainwashed half of the members and split into another clan. Frost and Yuffie stood by Butz’s side along with other members. Butz apologized to the members for not showing them respect. After the rebellion ended, Valefor, Vincent, And Lulu (Another member of the rebellion) demanded to have Ops, even after backstabbing Butz. Butz did, in fear that they would start another rebellion, but then he thought again. He did not have the same vision for FFE as the members of the rebellion had, they wanted a Town Square, Butz wanted a real clan.”


“If I remember correctly the clan at that time was very fragmented into groups with one leader over all the groups. One such leader was Valefor who I presume wanted more control over the clan. During this particular day one of our members had either mentioned something to or was approached by a member of a hacking clan who threatened to effectively hack everyone in Clan FFE. Taking advantage of the situation, Vale directed members out of the channel to avoid being hacked and while outside of the channel away from clan bots laid out a narrative that Butz was a ruthless and wicked tyrant without citing particular circumstances or mentioning how he violated the clan’s code of conduct. The result was ultimately a sort of split that evening to force Butz into conceding that he had abused power.

These events showed there was a strong divide and tension in FFE, and it was very visible. A few days later Butz left FFE which he had complete ownership of graciously giving passwords and information to the forum and bots I believe to another member and left to form the FFC we now know and love.”


” When the clan started, there was 3 divisions. Red Wings was Wc3 lead by FFC-Golbez, SeeD was the Starcraft Division lead by FFC-Eden, AVALANCHE was the Diablo division lead by FFC-BlackMage. FFC-Golbez and a few others left the clan due to disagreements with leadership. Activity remained consistent until Butz went inactive, Yuffie took a hiatus, and Algus peaced out. Biggs held OPs with few members coming in and out of the channel randomly, The clan wasn’t going to get disbanded, nobody was around. The most popular game was Starcraft and membership was low.Then one day Yuffie randomly came back, and we did a massive recuitment drive. Got a bunch of older members back, including Butz. Yuffie gave leadership to Rinoa and shortly after left the clan.


Part III: FFC’s downfall 2009-2010

“The present leadership at that time consisted of Rinoa, Cid, Odin, Rude, and Rufus. The clan mostly DotA’d at that time, with the occasional D2 and SC event. Things were normal up till two former FFE/FFC members joined, FFC-OakaXXIII(FFC-Kefka/FFE-BlackMage), and FFC-Garland(FFE-Vincent).

Garland/Vicks(A new member at that time) brought up a new suggestion for clan ranks, and met with leadership over it. Something to do with Turks having ‘helpers’, just an extra leadership rank. After being shot down, Garland left, and Vicks along with him.”

“Clan activity was normal for awhile again, shortly before the end of the year, Rufus was promoted to General, then to Turk not too long after. Around this time, the clan channel started being spammed, which wouldn’t end until April, thus killing off the SC/D2 divisions mostly, aside from a few loyal SC members, most of whom are still here today.”

“Leadership was slowly splitting apart from bickering and fighting over events happening in the clan, including channel spam, fighting in games, etc. Some time in March or so, GrandLethal(FFE-Valefor) shows up. More fighting erupted when he wanted to buy a web domain for the clan, when we barely knew him, aside from his shady history from FFE. This threw more fuel on the fire for Rudes suggestion of a coup d’etat vs Rinoa, if she wouldn’t step down to be a council of equals. Ontop of this, a member was promoted to General, which led to leadership bickering over disagreeing with the promotion, which in turn, led to Rude leaving the clan, and rejoining after said member was demoted.. By the end of the leadership fighting, Cid and Rude were removed from the clan. Cid, over a misunderstanding, and Rude over wanting Rinoa out of leadership, by force if needed. This split FFC into two halves, FFC / FFO, which led to the eventual collapse of FFC. Many members left for FFO(which became HoT fairly quickly), but most disappeared by the end of HoT’s 2010′ life.”


FFC had fallen on May 5th, 2010 this was the last message given by Rinoa

“Hello FFC. This is the last time I will be speaking as a clan member and your president. After several happenings with this clan it has come to my attention that with certain people leaving and pressures of my own life and lack of time and energy that I can no longer continue to lead this clan. I am unfit to lead, and definitely cannot do so on my own. In addition to that I will be graduating soon, and starting my career, which means sooner or later the clan will be coming to it’s end. There is no one I find adequate enough to continue to keep this clan running, and it is for this reason I would rather disband it. I would rather end this clan with my own hands, than see someone slowing bring it to it’s end. I do not have the will power and energy to keep this place running any longer. You may all hate me after this but I just cannot continue leading. I will leave it open for a few more days in order for you all to make the adjustments you must. I really am truly sorry but I cannot handle this any longer, especially with with the loss of friends and pressures/problems every time I receive, every time I muster up the free time to log on. I don’t expect any of your understanding, and again I’m very sorry, I feel as if I’m abandoning you all, no, I know I am, but I can only deal with so much. FFC has had a good and long run, but I feel as if it is time to say good bye. I’m sorry, I love this community though, it is just not what it used to be. I will still be in contact with those who care to be, if you do not have my information, feel free to PM me. With that, I have nothing more to say. Take care everyone, and I wish you all the best.”


Part IV: FFC’s Revival 2013-

“Between the years of 2010-2013, a lot of members went there different ways, a few DotA players had gone to Rufus’ Clan RAID, I had to take an absence on my previous clan HoT which had gone away around 2011. I wanted to revive the idea of RPG fans coming together, so HoT was revived in 2012. Battle.net wasn’t dead yet, so I created a lot of recruitment bots and came back with full force. Recruited a decent amount of good members Gray Fox (Squall) Sabin, Link (Leviathan), Dart (Ramza), Mog, Rufus, Elminster (Biggs), and Apollo (Algus). The clan was doing great, the problem was of course battle.net. Games couldn’t be played on Starcraft due to hacks, and other battle.net games started to lose their luster. The final nail in the coffin was when Batle.net messed up and destroyed all their clans on US East. It caused us to search for alternative purposes for a Clan, we dabbled in every different online community game, we had great ideas but sadly no members.

Then suddenly around 2013 it was time to pay for clan funds (It’s not free you know) well, we were thinking about letting HoT go, but I had the idea to revive FFC. I felt that we all deserved a presence on the internet, to hold our memories and for us all to contact each other. With the help of Biggs, Algus, and Rufus we revived the clan. We had messaged members with resources found on our older websites. We had a surprising turnout of over 40 members total, and still more counting. It’s amazing how many members wanted to reunite. We were special enough to get two former leaders back into FFC, Rinoa and Butz. We have established an amazing clan again, and we will continue to be the only Final Fantasy Clan & Community on the internet!”


FFC Resources:

Website: http://clan-ffc.webs.com/

Forums: http://s1.zetaboards.com/FFC/site/

Former Leaders:

FFC-Butz – 2006-2008

FFC-Yuffie – 2009

FFC-Rinoa – 2009-2010

Former Turks (General Rank):