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Final Fantasy XIV: All Saint’s Wake

Halloween is upon us and to celebrate this, Square-Enix will bless us with another seasonal Event for Final Fantasy XIV.


From 10/18 until the end of this month, all FFXIV players can participate in the All Saint’s Wake event and get some new emotes and items.

To obtain these things you will have to start and complete the quest “The Sinister Soiree” in Old Gridania (X:1 0.4 Y: 8.5) but to accept this quest your character has to be on level 15 and you must first complete the quest “It’s Probably Pirates”. You can find “It’s Probably Pirates” in Limsa Lominsa’s Upper Decks (X: 11.6 Y: 11.1).

This seasonal Event will last from 18/October/2018 (01:00 a.m. PTD) to 01/November/2018 (07:59 a.m. PDT)

Come One, Come All, to the marvelous Masquerade!


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